Frequently Asked Questions

During the trip, there will be at least one personnel who is a strong swimmer.

He/ She will be able to ensure your safety while fishing near water edges and react accordingly if any unforeseen situation should arise.

Children are to be monitored by their parents at all times, and are recommended to wear their own life vest while fishing.

You are definitely allowed to bring back the fish you catch if you intend to cook them. However we encourage that small fish to be released back so that they can grow and reproduce. This will create a sustainable fishing environment.


It is very important to have a positive attitude towards fishing, though there is no guarantee that you will be able to catch fish, just like a lot of things in life which are beyond our control.

There is one thing that is guaranteed – You will definitely gain new experience after this trip that you will always remember.


There is no age requirement.

However any person on board regardless of age is considered as one person.

We provide fishing equipment free for all WA customers as a privilege.

However we encourage you to use your own setup that you are familiar with so that you will enjoy the fishing experience more. As this is a privilege, there is no discount if you use your own fishing equipment.

If you are not used to long periods on a boat, please take sea sick pills 30 minutes before boarding the yacht.

If you feel sick during the trip, there is medication and a bed on board for you to rest.

No pets are allowed on the yacht.

When extreme weather condition occurs, please assume that the trip is still on. It will only be cancelled upon notification from WA either via email or phone short messaging system. WA’s decision for cancellation is final. If the trip is cancelled by WA, full refund will be credited back to the credit card that you used for payment.

There shall be no refund if the trip is delayed by wet weather. Please bring along rain coat as the trip shall continue when there is light rain. For your own safety, it shall solely be the discretion of the captain to make adjustments to the trip itinerary when extreme weather conditions occur.

Any change in date or destination is considered as cancellation.

Less than or 3 days prior to trip – No refund

Less than or 7 days prior to trip – 50% refund

More than 7 days prior to trip – Full refund with 10% cancellation fee