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The Benefits of Membership

There is such a thing as the perfect getaway – it just feels different for each of us. But there is one thing we can all agree on: getaways are precious. That’s why we created co-share yacht and exchange programs that help you to make the most out of every precious adventure getaway.

Choices & Options

A Wealth of Locations & Yachts

Choose from 4 locations with over 30 yachts, all with high standards you’ve come to expect from Wanderlust Adventures.

More Control Over Your Getaways

You aren’t limited to a specific time of year or yacht. Sail as often as you want based on the number of credit points you have and how you use them.

More Varieties to Enjoy

From 30 ft to 110 ft yacht, you can choose the size that fits your adventure plans.

Peace of mind

A Brand Your Can Believe In

Wanderlust Adventures has pursued excellence and innovation, delivering unforgettable adventures as one of the most trusted brands in the yachting industry.

Your Adventure Is Secured

One of the main reasons people choose membership is that it makes adventure a certainty rather than just a possibility.

Did you know...

Membership Ensures Adventure Every Year

And, you will quickly see the benefit of the membership.

Your Only Purchase The Time You Need

You can purchase and sell Credit Points to us according to your personal travel interests and needs.

Status Of Freedom

A prestigious membership that is beyond the pursuit of financial freedom.

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