What Apparels are Suitable for a Day Out at Sea in Sunny Singapore
April 10, 2019
Captain Q

We love to have bikini babes and hunks in their speedos on board. But to stay for long hours in that sexy attire under the hot sun for a whole day can be quite a painful lesson.

Here are a few tips on what apparels are suitable when you are going for a fishing trip.


Always wear a cap to protect your scalp from getting sun burnt especially if you are bald or having a receding hairline.

A suitable cap will be one with a flap to protect the back of your neck and has a strap to secure the cap from flying off because we already had many cases of cap overboard while the yacht was travelling.


Other than making you look cool, sunglasses are very important to protect your eyes from glare.

It reduces the chances of you getting cataract as you get older and you can see clearer beyond the water surface if your shades are polarized.


We always see a sun burnt face with the shape of sunglasses.

There are two ways to prevent that from happening. One, don’t wear any sunglasses so that your face will get sun burnt evenly. Two, wear a face mask to cover every inch of your face. This is what you should look like for full protection. Do remember to pull down the mask when posting for photos.


Wear clothing that can cover the maximum area of your body i.e. long sleeves shirt and long pants. This is not a very popular option though especially if you have a sexy body to show off.

You might also think it will feel very hot when you are all wrapped up, in fact, it is the opposite. UV protection clothing not only block off most of the UV rays, it will make you feel cooler too.


A pair of gloves not only protects your hands from the sun, it will be easier for you to handle fish too and not accidentally get injured by the gill covers or spines.

The gloves also make you look cooler and more professional when taking photos with your catch.

The above suggested attire is purely for fishing trips. If you are going for a party on the yacht, cruising the southern islands, or simply spending a romantic evening with your loved ones, our suggested attire will be this.

Whatever activities that you are interested in or whatever attire you want to wear for your next trip out at sea, you can always find a suitable yacht in our fleet here.

See you on board!

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